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Happy Lunar New Year!

Hm. By right, today is the real new year. The chinese are the only ones who actually bothered to study the movements of the moon many years ago, and deduced when the new year would be. Just like the start of the week is Sunday, not Monday. So anyways, Happy New Year to you all!


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As someone who reflects a lot, and foresee a lot, it is almost impossible to be alone and not be submerged in thought. I think about things that happened, why they happened. I think about people, and why they choose to act in a certain manner. Perhaps they don’t even choose to. They are just like that. Maybe I’m someone who likes to be in control. Maybe knowing all these things gives me a sense of security(though I may not be right all the time), that I know what I’m doing at any time with whatever persons. I would know the way to act, to respond, and the consequences, whether good or bad.

But sometimes, I really wish I could stop thinking about all these things. Why should I be so concerned about the things in this world? I used to reassure myself that God reveals things to me in my thoughts. He did. But I really get tired of everything. All my prejudices, my judgements, my predictions. It’s just so tiring knowing all these things, because I feel the responsibility to act on them. To help those people, to prevent the disaster, just to make things better so that I know I did not do nothing when something happened. I need to get it off from bugging me all day. Sometimes I feel that the lack of trials in my life are compensated by the turmoil constantly in my mind. People say, “Oh, Joel’s thinking again, leave him in peace.” But there is no peace. I enjoy my thoughts, but I hate them.

The peace. My precious peace, that comes from God. It trancends the world, and that’s all that matters. Everytime my mind is bombarded by such unending provocations, I remember God’s peace. The gift He had given me that has been so evident in my life. It used to give me peace in body, but now I have peace of mind. And by God’s promise, it is indestructible.

Though this may be quite a diversion, I suddenly thought about personalities. We are all unique in person. We all have strengths and weaknesses. My weakness was my inability to relate to people. But my mentor once told me, that because we are working for God, and serving Him, He gives us all power to change ourselves to do so. Permanently or temporarily, I have been changed to serve Him better. I can socialize at much more ease compared to before. God changes us so that we can serve Him. We just need to let Him. I’m still an introvert by nature. I still think a lot. But I know that when God needs me for His purpose, He equips me well to do so. With His power, because His strength is made complete in our weaknesses.

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Made for this

Just yesterday during CF, our new school pastor gave a short message. He made us reflect on the last years of our lives, and list the important years in which God could be seen working in our lives. For me, I didn’t write anything for the first 16 years. Sad to say, my life was quite unmeaningful during that period of time. But what I wrote first, was AC. What I wrote next, was my life. not the life I lived for 16 years, not knowing why I was alive. But the past year. The life which I enjoyed.

God has been so amazing the past year. Now that I look back, I see that He had everything planned so nicely. I made so many friends in AC, and joined the choir. I took up leadership in church, and found that my leadership in the choir helped a lot. Then, being the team leader for OCIP pushed me even further. Now with OGL, 4h2s and a h3 coming up, I really wonder what God’s gonna do next. But whatever, I know it’ll come to a good finish.

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Start of School

It’s finally the start of school, after a really long holiday.. Well tomorrow. I’m hoping we won’t have lessons yet, and prepare for open house, which is on Tuesday! So come if you can!

Open House banner

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OGL Camp!

Camp has been great!, hah, with Mushu making a comeback from yesterday. Suddenly today, everyone was so enthusiastic about everything, and the new cheers we came up with was awesome! I’m losing my voice from all the cheering, but I’ll get it back tonight. Somehow, it always come back, and I can shout again tomorrow! And,.. tomorrow’s the last day, so we’ll have to master both dances. The singles is done for me, hah, but not the couples yet.. Alright see you back in school and church and where ever else soon!

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Ip Man!

After service and bs today, a few of us went to the cathay to watch Ip Man! We managed to book tickets in time for the 530 show. It was actually quite a good movie.. About some Chinese guy who was the best kungfu fighter in town. During the Jap occupation in China, he defeated the general who was in charge of that area. Well, it’s more than that, but you all know I’m not good at narrating, so go watch it yourself! It’s definitely worth the 10 bucks..


OGL Camp will on on Wednesday! haha, can’t wait for the actual orientation.. It’ll be fun, hah, but missing lessons. This year’s mass dance looks so much more complicated than last year’s. And 2007’s looked absolutely simple compared to 2008. I guess the dance soc has to live up to it’s gold with honours.. And Orientation this year is slightly longer..

But anyway, Open House for ACJc will be soon! It’s on 13th Jan, 1-6 pm, so come whether you’re sec 4 or not.. haha, watch the performances, get free stuff..

And,, I’m going back to my holiday homework.. z.

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Aunty Mei Yoke gave the sermon for ypm just now. She spoke about the coming of Christ. We would never know when Jesus is coming back again. And when He does, would He call us faithful? Have we stored up treasures in heaven, more than we have on earth? Since it was the beginning of the new year, I thought it was great that be the opening sermon. It was exactly the same as what I shared with my cell for Christmas. We have to start now. There is no more time to procrastinate, Christ will come at a time we would not expect. At that particular point in time, when I re-emphasized the point during the short sharing we had after that, I felt unity in purpose. God has been prompting our group again and again, to start serving out our purposes. Right now.

After that, when I prayed for the group, I felt an emotion I never felt before as a leader. It was such a strong desire to see them grow spiritually. To see them fulfilling God’s plans for them. Each member was so precious, God put them in Joseph for a reason, and I wanted it for them. And then, I knew God was giving me the passion for what I was doing. I had been a leader in name for such a long time. I knew I was serving God and I did it willingly. But now, I’m a leader because I love God, and I love the members in my group. I had found more joy serving the Lord.

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