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Faith is believing in the things unseen.

Faith through experience brings affirmation.

Faith in the unknown brings doubt to others.

Faith in people will eventually fail.

Of the transient, who can predict?

Who can see?

Who can believe?

No one but God.

But we can trust God..

But we can believe in Him.

Though man may doubt,

Though their Faith may fail,

But the Faithfulness of God will never fail.


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Dull, White. Bright.

It’s been a long time since I came here. This posting page seems almost unfamaliar.. Anyway, school has been keeping me busy, though it always has. My life was made a little more colourful because I had to write my personal qualities statement myself, which was quite amusing 😀 Having a good ego helps. (Good, not big haha) I’ve realized school has made me a very boring person. I can’t seem to think of anything to write here. haha. My next post will spare you from as I write something a little less brianless.

But anyway, The Swingle Singers’ new album is out! Check  http://www.swinglesingers.com/  for more details. z, I wish they would come to Singapore.

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