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Hello everyone! First, I must thank you all for your wishes. Those that woke me up at 12 am, 222 am, and throughout the rest of the day! It has been wonderful knowing all of you, and thank you again for remembering, because I’m not very good at that :/ And also to my Joseph Cell Group! Thank you for trying to make the surprise not so obvious, even though I’ve been around long enough to expect it, and Wenhao actually spilled it a bit too early 😀 So anyway I’m 18! I suppose there’s some significance to that, but I shall leave that to after this thing called A levels.

But I must say, the most inspiring present today was something you would not expect. It was not meant to be a gift for me, but I was so blessed today. In the afternoon today, I witnessed the baptism of my co-asst-cell group leader. She had received Christ 3 years ago, but faced strong opposition from her family. They never allowed any talk about her desire to be baptized. But after 3 years of prayer, her mother finally allowed her to do so. And today, I did not only witness her baptism. I recalled the prosecution, I remembered the prayers. I saw the fruit of her perseverence, the result of her never-ending hope, and most definitely, the grace and providence of the Father, our God. It is wonderful how God can make all things beautiful. And today will be a birthday I will remember.


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