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The first book-out

Army has been great! Perhaps I sound too optimistic, but I do enjoy it to some extent, and I don’t think that’s it’s a waste of time. The food’s good too, I gained 1kg! So I’m 5 kg away from my new year resolution now. One thing I got quite impatient with though, was the train ride back. Thank God for section mates who live in the west too. Imagine waiting to book out, marching to the ferry terminal, taking the ferry, waiting for the bus, then standing with a field pack for another hour. I guess I had better get used to it.

Now I’m going to catch up on the lost sleep!


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Off to the Army!

Some part of me really does look forward to tomorrow. It’ll be a great change to my stay-at-home life I’ve been having for the past month. I think it’ll be fun! But of course tiring. Well I’m sorry I can’t finish the series on hearing God before I enlist, but I’ll try to do so when I’m back on weekends. Perhaps God will give me some new inspiration to share with you all when I’m back!

And once again, hopefully soon,

God Bless,
Joel Wong

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