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I was having a lesson on the subject just yesterday, and one question was posed to me- What is my motivation? Specifically, in the army, the first things I thought of were incentives for performing well, proving proficiency, etc.. Today however, I think I found one of them.

We were having a night compass course, where individually we would have to go into the forest and locate different checkpoints with only a compass. I thought I’d do it slowly at first, as I was already tired out from the day course. Something changed that, my Wing Commander said that the first few to finish would be allowed to go back to the wing first, meaning more admin time! Now that really spurred me on. With no light at all except from the moon, I literally ran(yes, not even jogged) from checkpoint to checkpoint. Despite falling into 2 metre deep pits, tripping over roots and rocks and getting caught in vines, I just got up again and ran. And I did get back rather early.

Reflecting, I suppose time was the motivation for me. Being in the army, it’s hard to get those. But time is but a transitional reason. What my true motivation is, is what I would use with the time.

Perhaps you too, can start reflecting on your motivations! Think deep, look for the roots that make you move, do more, and excel.


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OCS has been really monotonous these days, with just lessons and lectures, recruitment talks. But it’ll get better next week, when our service term starts! I’m still confined for another 2 more weeks, but with Internet!

Of course, there were many things I was pondering about the last many few weeks, as usual. And as usual, too lazy to type. You know, sometimes we have many decisions to make in life. And being at this age makes me extremely prone to them. Growing in my spiritual life, I’ve always asked God where He would have me go, and what He would have me do. But I’ve come to a revelation that perhaps God doesn’t want to choose for us. He just wants to make the best of our decisions. I could make all the effort to study overseas, or just take my offer in NUS and stay local. Many times and again I have asked God to show me some direction, but I never heard a definite answer. You see, if I stay local, God will continue to use me in my church, and in my networks. Perhaps He would have other plans for me. If I do go overseas, I would be doing other things for Him there. I’m not saying that this happens in every decision in our lives, but maybe God opens multiple doors for us. Still, this is just a random thought that I got, do correct me if I’m wrong. Of course, God has His ways for us, and will correct our paths when we go wrong.

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Time and Without

I looked forward to army before I enlisted. I couldn’t wait for book-outs when I enlisted. Now I have a week free and I can’t wait for army. I must say, that army has been designed very well. It takes away so much time that we cannot do anything else. Then it gives us such irregular breaks that we cannot initiate anything significant at all. With boredom then, I look forward to my posting. Probably, this will be the way it is for me until I get out of there next year.

On a lighter note, I’ve POPPED! And.. I’m really free now, until next week of course. Thank God, adjusting to ns life has been good for me, and for His everyday provisions that I cannot forget. For the experiences I’ve had with Him, the great friends I have made, the strength and resolve I have gained, and the character that He has built.

Let Your Name be lifted higher

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