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I have come to realize today that the world is flawed. No, people are flawed. It didn’t take me a while, I would have known that before today. But day by day, I have learnt to see the most uninspiring sides of people. I wish I hadn’t learnt to. I would be a happier person now. But we are such as we are- imperfect beings. Yet God knew that and gave us His grace, that all who receive His Son may be saved. If only more people could understand that.

You know, I’ve always found it easy to forgive people. I guess it’s the effect of being born into a Christian family. But right after a lesson on forgiveness last week, God has placed a test in my way, and I need to find a way to overcome it. Please, pray for me.


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hahaha, okay this is going to be ‘not a post for everyone’ so once you realize that you’re of of them, do not be obliged to keep on reading :D.

During field camp we had a rest and recovery day, so we borrowed a laptop and projector to watch G.I Joe. One of the futuristic weapons they had was the LAW, probably a pun played on the Light Anti-tank weapon that we use today. Okay so after a time of pondering, I realized that Laser Artillery Weapon was a contradiction in itself. Think- Lasers are emissions of radiation, and emitted photons must travel in a straight line. Artillery is a name given to arms that attack using a projectile shell, meaning the ammunition travels in a curved path. And the whole point of it is to hit target that maybe be blocked by obstacles.. like jungles..

So then tell me, how can an artillery gun work with laser. I thought of a few ways:

First, the laser could be a guiding device from say, a satellite, so that the gunner could use the MGR and other data like the velocity of the target to know where to fire the shell. That works.

Second, perhaps by that time, they might have found out how to bend light. Seeing that they could create an invisibility cloak, I wouldn’t be surprised. So perhaps the laser was the destroying property. Travelling in a projectile motion, it would hit it’s enemy over any obstacle. Maybe it could travel in zigzag lines to avoid more complicated obstacles 😀 Now that would be cool eh?

Alright I’ve been so sick of doing infantry everyday that this is what I would think of anytime. Now get back to your life.. haha! I’ll be back soon with another post.

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