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If there’s one thing that always strikes me about my platoon commander, it is his commitment to what he does. Everyday, without fail, I will see the focus that he has- be it teaching us in lessons or training us outfield. He always had a different personality outfield, because the mission was the only thing a commander should care about. It must be his focus, his mind, his emotion, his time, his heart.

That focus has inspired me. Sorry to say, not to be like him in the army, but in my life with Christ. My life is not separate from Christ, but is in Christ. My focus must always be on Him. And comes my mind, my emotions, my time, and my heart. Where ever I am, at home, in church, in camp, on the field, I must never lose this focus, or I will lose Christ from the centre of my thoughts, my words, and actions.

And this, my brothers and sisters, is what we must do each day. Perhaps you may not have to sleep out in the field, but we are in the same sinful world. There may be persecution where you are, but we can never be ashamed of Christ our Lord. Because that day we return to our Lord, we can confidently be assured that we had been good and faithful servants, for Christ, the Lord of our lives. For now, we must proclaim His death till He comes. If there is one thing to boast, it is of Christ our Lord.

Love so amazing, so divine,
Demands my soul, my life, my all.


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