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Divine Healing

It has been a while, I would admit. The last month has been a time of fighting and resting, striving and falling. The battle we fight is not one of physical war, but of the spiritual realms. I am not yet satisfied with what I have achieved, and I will keep fighting till I reach perfection in Christ Jesus.

I shall be sharing about something that not many talk about. I cannot even say that I am knowledgeable in this area. I have never learnt much about it, nor taught it before. I never thought I would experience it until now. I want to share my experience with divine healing.

Almost a year ago, I had completed a 3 month long term in Officer Cadet School (OCS), where I was training to be a military officer. I had been posted to another 5 month long Logistics Officer course to specialize in army maintenance. Now in order for me to commission successfully as an officer, I had to complete an obstacle course- one that involved running, climbing, running, jumping and running. But around that time, I had also sustained a knee injury, that rendered my almost useless. I was desperate! It was only a month more before I left overseas for training, where I would have no chance to train or take the test. If I didn’t pass it, all the effort I had put into the course so far would be for nothing.

Now about the same time, I was reading this book “The Fourth Dimension” on answered prayer and divine healing. Knowing the truth of the Word and affirming my faith in God, I prayed each night for my knee to be healed. It went something like this: “God I know you have the power to heal me, and I know you love me. I have faith that you can, so please heal me now like you did in those stories!”

Nothing happened for over a month. I was really very depressed. I sat out during physical training while all my course mates were having fun. More and more of them were passing the obstacle course, while I had not even attempted it once. Then, just about 1 or 2 weeks before we flew for overseas training, my knee became fine! I took the test, and met the timing with a minute to spare. It was awesome! I thanked God for the healing and the result. Yet some part of me doubted. It took a month to heal- anyone with or without God might have had recovered too. So did God really heal?

About 3 months later, I was about to be commissioned by the president. How this happened was through a parade that required a lot of practice and rehearsal. It was extremely physically demanding- to us, it was like the final test before officership. Just about that time, a lump started growing on my right thigh. It enlarged to about 7cm x 5cm, and was protruding from the surface of my skin. It was really scary, I thought I had gotten some cancer thing of some sort. I tried to pray again, for a week I waited to see if the Lord would do anything.

A week later, I was pushed to A&E at NUS, where I found out it was just pus. The bad news was that they had to cut it open to drain it, and the healing would take a few months. Now that really set me down. I would still commission, but I would not be able to join my course mates in the commissioning parade, which was the peak of the course. With no choice, I went for surgery. The doctors informed me that they would not be able to stitch it back as the pus would accumulate again, prolonging my recovery period. I had already resigned to the fact that I would not take part in the parade.

At this point in time, I started to wonder if God really heals today. Sure, He did heal in the past- that I believe. But perhaps He has been withdrawing His occurrences of healing from the world now. Or perhaps He just had some other purpose for me. Maybe if I took part in the parade, something bad will happen. In any case, my faith was still strong, but I was thinking a lot about whether God heals or not.

Somehow, the operation wound healed very quickly. The doctors and nurses were impressed as the speed it was recovering. In fact, by the time we started parade rehearsals, it had “overhealed” where the flesh was popping out of the surface of the skin, which was good. I decided to try taking part in rehearsals to see how it went. 3 weeks later, I commissioned as an officer on the parade square.

Right then, I knew already what God was teaching me. God still does heal today. In fact, He was in every part of my healing process. What I learnt was that God does not heal immediately all the time, not like the stories I read in the book. God will decide to give grace when He shall, and He will decide to heal whenever in the right time. And the time was right indeed. Though I had bad injuries, I always recovered just in time for what I needed to do. God may not have healed me straight away, but He healed me just enough, just at the right time, so that I could do what I wanted to do. I did not only learn to wait, but I learnt to wait and trust in the Lord, that His plans are perfect, and He means good for me.

Just recently, I had injured my shin, disabling me from running for a month. I have a marathon coming soon on 28th May. But I trust that not only will my God heal me in time, but I will have enough time to train for it. Let my faith not be of my own, but be from God.


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