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Life is like a race. You run, then you stop. And then you run again.

As I walked into the holding area at Changi Exhibition Centre, I could feel the excitement creeping in. It was awesome. 11000 people who loved running would be there, running with me. 5 minutes to the flag off, the emcees were getting us really hyped up. I thought that I was ready to take it on. Well, I was, no matter what happened.

I must really thank God was the first 20km. I have never been able to sustain a 3-out 2-in breath control before. But I did it, and it was a good 20km. At the 24km mark however, I felt a blunt, but overwhelming pain in both my quads. It was the kind that would make you just want to buckle and fall to the ground. I stopped to stretch, but I knew it was going to last me all the way to the finish line.

For the next 18km, I ran until the pain came; I would stop, stretch and walk. Then I would start running until the pain came again. I still had a lot of energy, but I could not spend it. I was already resolving not to run another marathon again. You must understand that the pain was almost unbearable. I still knew I wanted to finish it well though, so I persevered till the finish line. For a first time running 42km, it was a good timing.

As I think back, it was a good experience. A run is much like our spiritual lives. Reaching God is the only thing worth running in life for.

And no, I would not stop running. No tiredness or pain will stop me. Whether I’m running or I’m running. The next 42km should be this december 😀


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Just a Stranger

I’m going, I’m going there to see my savior
I’m going there no more to roam,
I’m just a going over jordan.
I’m just a going over home.

As the Israelites were roaming in the desert, there was one thing they would not have forgotten- God’s covenant. The land that was promised was freedom. It was abundance and joy, a place so different from Egypt where they were slaves.

As we are today, we are strangers in a world of trials and trouble. These will persist, but for us they will not, no, for we are going home to see our Saviour. We are crossing the Jordon, we are going home.

On a side note, their voices are amazing! I really love the lead soprano’s voice. It is so clear, portraying her emotions and response to the lyrics, her response to the Spirit. I am determined to find a wife like that! haha if you are, I would like to meet you 😀

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