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For the sake of not missing another month in my archives, I decided to write something here.

You know, I used to think that the original purpose of writing a blog would be about myself- the things I am interested in, my good day or bad day, etc.. But there’s so much in life about ourselves already, writing a blog in such a way just serves to boost our ego and makes us prouder. Perhaps not just writing blogs, but do you find yourself constantly reviewing your facebook profile to make it look more appealing, whether to yourself or others? We do so much to promote ourselves to other in the ways we want, whether real or fake. But we also know that God detests the proud.

God created us to worship Him. And that’s just it, for no other purpose. I think many of us have been disillusioned and made to believe that life is about achieving things for ourselves. So much we do and get for ourselves, yet they become meaningless when we are gone. But life should be all about God, and all about Christ! We are like the background characters in  a movie; everything we say or do is to make the movie look good. A movie not about us, but about Christ! All things that we do in this life is to glorify God and to preach Christ.


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