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YPM Camp has just concluded and I am finally taking a good break. Oh, I’ve ORDed by the way, congrats to me! Then I’ll be going for a 3 month Bible course in Tung Ling Bible School, and I’m really looking forward to it! If you’re interested, here’s the link:http://www.tungling.org.sg/school-of-ministry/ I believe they take registrations until the very last minute.

I’ve chanced upon this link recently and thought I’d share it with you guys: http://theresurgence.com/2011/12/15/bet-you-cant-resist-the-temptation-to-watch-this

So many times we try to fight temptation and recurrent sins in our lives, but the battle is never against it. Christ has already won the battle over sin when He died on the cross, and as children of God, we too are victorious over it. The thing is, we were created to have some purpose, some sort of idol in our lives. We seek to fill our lives with things that are fulfilling. That’s why we indulge in material possessions, sexual sins, and perhaps even ministry in church. These are the wrong idols to fill our lives with, because they will never be as satisfying as a true and direct relationship with God.

Only when our lives are so fulfilled by the presence and love of God that all other things of the Earth will fade. They will no longer be attractive to us compared to the beautiful connection that we can have with God. So fighting temptation is not about resisting the attraction, it’s about fulfilling our thirst for purpose with something transcendent, perfect, and lovely- God.


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Back to Work!

Don’t be mistaken, I am extremely unexcited about work. What I mean is ministry- work in the church.

I’ve just returned from Annual Bible Camp, and I am glad I went. Taking four days off to spend time with good friends- that was a real break from life. The sermons were good, though they were preached different from how we usually do it. The camp speaker did not refer much to the Bible, and we had to discern for ourselves between the biblical and secular information. Most of it was of course, biblical. But not all things that he said were applicable in the Singaporean society, or COS, for that matter.

Nonetheless, I have gained much from the sermons, and have had quite a few good reflections about how I approach the different ministries that I am serving in now.

Meanwhile, I will be preaching for the youth service this Saturday. So I’ll conveniently use that sermon as an update for my blog 😀

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In Time to Come

I haven’t been around my blog for a while, and may not be around for another week.

Anyway, here’s what’s going on right now..

I’m preparing a sermon (my first one!) for YPM. So that has been taking up most of my nights. Work at camp has been getting heavier, so that takes up every day of my days. So that leaves me with practically no time to write! Ha! Justified.

I’ll be leaving for Annual Bible Camp next week! It will be a good time of rest. I haven’t gone for ABC for a long time, and I am looking forward to it very much. Especially since work has been getting so stressful, ABC will be awesome! Imagine waking up, not having any commitments, KPIs, superiors, etc.. I can spend the whole day meditating, listening to sermons, running and catching up with friends. Haha well if only every day were like that.

So anyway, that’s it for now! I will write again once I come back from camp!

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Life is like a race. You run, then you stop. And then you run again.

As I walked into the holding area at Changi Exhibition Centre, I could feel the excitement creeping in. It was awesome. 11000 people who loved running would be there, running with me. 5 minutes to the flag off, the emcees were getting us really hyped up. I thought that I was ready to take it on. Well, I was, no matter what happened.

I must really thank God was the first 20km. I have never been able to sustain a 3-out 2-in breath control before. But I did it, and it was a good 20km. At the 24km mark however, I felt a blunt, but overwhelming pain in both my quads. It was the kind that would make you just want to buckle and fall to the ground. I stopped to stretch, but I knew it was going to last me all the way to the finish line.

For the next 18km, I ran until the pain came; I would stop, stretch and walk. Then I would start running until the pain came again. I still had a lot of energy, but I could not spend it. I was already resolving not to run another marathon again. You must understand that the pain was almost unbearable. I still knew I wanted to finish it well though, so I persevered till the finish line. For a first time running 42km, it was a good timing.

As I think back, it was a good experience. A run is much like our spiritual lives. Reaching God is the only thing worth running in life for.

And no, I would not stop running. No tiredness or pain will stop me. Whether I’m running or I’m running. The next 42km should be this december 😀

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Work in the army has been keeping me really busy, and hence explains my long absence. One thing we must always watch out for when we get busy is getting too involved in the busyness! Remember to spend good time with God, drawing strength from Him throughout the day. God is not to be placed first of all things in our lives. He is to be first in, and together with all things. When I am working, hanging out, running, or whatever, God must be there in my focus. Let God be in everything you do, and life will become a lot more exciting for you!

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I have decided that I will change at least this one thing while I am in my unit- reduce the amount of OT my men have to do.

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Carpark I

There is this place in SAFTI MI that every officer cadet would have visited before. For me, I have been there at least 34 times. Though I have been there many times, it has always been a very special place to me. Each time the carpark came into view as I marched towards it, I would experience a great mix of excitement and anticipation. This feeling of freedom was always overwhelming. It still was today.

Today would probably be the last time I will ever book out from Carpark I as an officer cadet again. I am glad the course is over, with no more booking out late on Saturdays again. Yet this sudden burst of emotions remains so desirable. Leaving Carpark I- that must be one of the greatest experiences of the course.

I’m back home finally, the past few weeks without access to the world haven’t been so bad. My only regret is forgetting the random bits of inspiration I had while in camp, that I would have posted here. Well I’m sure they’ll come back to me if they are meant to. Another update- I’ve been posted back to the old camp which I was in training the past 5 months, with many of my course mates. I guess I’m looking forward to having a fun and fulfilling year in ns.

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