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He has also set eternity in the hearts of men; yet they cannot fathom what God has done from beginning to end.
Ecclesiastes 3:11

As I scroll through my regular Facebook newsfeeds, looking for updates from my friends, I cannot help but click on those news bits posted from yahoo news. Each of them may be different, but somehow appear so similar to me- unlawful economic gain, sexual harassment, political power struggles, terrorism and violence, religious insensitivity, etc..

While this may seem like a random list of wrongdoings and suffering imposed on the world, they are in fact, idolatry- worship of anything else but the one true God. God has created mankind such that we all have a desire for a greater purpose, and deeper significance in life. I was recently watching a forum held on the Meaning of Life, as discussed by a secular humanist, and a Christian humanist (as he likes to call himself). While the former was presenting her meaning of life, I could not help but feel depressingly sad for her. She had made happiness the goal of her life, and shapes her world view around self-fulfilment and self-centeredness. It sounded rather shallow and superficial, yet she expressed no discomfort in the fact of unattainable, self-imposed moral values and the subjectivity of her fulfilment structure.

She is one example of idolatry of self. Every sin and suffering in this world is the direct or indirect consequence of idolatry- that of money, carnal desires, recognition by others, or even wrong concepts of God. Because of the innate desire of humans to find fulfilment, they resort to all forms of worldly things to satisfy it, missing the divine answer that God has already provided. I am guilty of this myself- as much as I desire to make Jesus the only God in my life, there are distractions that turn me away many times. Being human, I have indulged in computer games, found fulfilment in knowledge, pridefully raised myself in the opinions of others, fallen to sexual temptation, and perhaps idolized things that I do not even know.

Then at some point in time, we will all come to a realization that nothing in this world can bring us perfect fulfilment. Wealth will be spent, material possessions will lose relevance, people will disappoint, and activities will become meaningless. The problem with this desire is that if God placed this desire in us, it is of a divine nature and thus must be divinely fulfilled. Any material substitute will never work. Some people try until the end of their lives and still fail in finding it. Elvis Presley, with all his fame and wealth, said that he was lonely nearing the end of his life. Freddie Mercury expressed the same.

Such a divine thirst and longing can only be satisfied by the God who gave it to us. Being perfectly loving in nature, He availed Himself to the world through Jesus Christ, so that we may have a personal relationship with Him. Trust me, I’ve tried many things and Jesus is the only thing that has never failed me. His love is perfect, peace is transcending, and hope, eternal. If only more may come to find this saving grace of Christ!

I have been reading the book “Eternity in their hearts” by Don Richardson. As I read about how God has revealed Himself to all kinds of people worldwide, I cannot help but weep as I realize His divine sovereignty and beautiful love for His people. If we have ever asked, “Why doesn’t God do more to save people who do not know Him?”, we are severely mistaken. He is doing much more than we can imagine, and is waiting for us to take that step to complete His work by sharing the truth of Jesus Christ.


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